In the time since last writing here I experienced a watershed moment — I bought a $40 cowboy ribeye from the butcher. It was everything a $40 steak should be and more.

I also hit 30 years of age; an appropriate time for reflection.

Some people write insightful songs upon the passing of their youth. I write platitudes. At the same time, the following cliches are also my truths, things I have learned and take to heart. I hope you can glean some nugget of worth.

  1. The tools don’t matter as much as the results. Good tools don’t hurt though.
  2. Write. It provides structure to undeveloped thoughts. Read for the same reason.
  3. Don’t console a down and out friend with unfavorable characterizations of his/her recent ex. They’re getting back together.
  4. Life is more than a job.
  5. Be thankful, serve others, and stay humble.
  6. Some people are predisposed to drama. Avoid them.
  7. Stay visible. It doesn’t matter that you can do a job better than another person if they’re more visible. You can’t win a job if no one knows you exist. This ties into writing.
  8. Writing, if done well, develops credibility.
  9. Get your hands dirty. You’ll feel better for it.
  10. Jack Daniels in moderation.
  11. If you’re using artificial bait for bass, go with worms. Watermelon with red flecks works good for me.
  12. Take time off to reflect and replenish. I like getting outdoors.
  13. Always do your best, your reputation is on the line.
  14. Work with people who value your contributions. You’ll be miserable otherwise.
  15. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hit in the face with a bag of bones. Right Brady?
  16. Know when to say no.
  17. External validation is nice; internal validation is better. Trust yourself.
  18. All a good steak needs is salt and pepper. Anything else and you’re doing it wrong.
  19. Don’t get too fancy; simple is usually better.
  20. The prime-time slot on “Totally Outrageous Behavior” doesn’t equate to a lot of fame or money. Trust me, keep your day job and your dignity.
  21. Texas really is the best.
  22. The mountain in front of you is probably bigger than it looks, but it can be conquered.
  23. Listening to vinyl is more engaging than digital music. There’s no easy way to skip songs.
  24. Give more than you take.
  25. It’s hard to mess up a potato, but sour cream will do it every time.
  26. The less you charge for a job the more demanding the client. Know your worth and don’t work for free.
  27. A country song exists to cure whatever ails you.
  28. Be proud, there are a lot of people who didn’t make it this far.
  29. Fridays are the worst for publishing posts, but publishing on Friday is better than not publishing at all.
  30. Go ahead and treat yourself to a $40 steak, you’ve earned it.

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