About Us

So you know we build solutions for the web and you've seen our work, below is some additional background on who we are and what we're about.

Brady Vercher
Brady Vercher
Partner / Developer
Brody Vercher
Brody Vercher
Partner / Designer
Luke McDonald
Luke McDonald
Partner / Developer

Our Process

  1. Discover

    We begin by researching and gathering information about your project in order to best define the goals for achieving a successful launch.

  2. Design

    After collecting the right information we move to defining the structure and visual aesthetic for your project.

  3. Develop

    Working on a staging server, we then build your project out on WordPress (more on this below), all the while updating in stages so you can track progress.

  4. Deliver

    Lastly, deliverables are handed off and we follow through on any additional requirements that were defined in the Discover phase.

    Then we celebrate.

We like WordPress


Originally built as a blogging platform, we've found WordPress makes a pretty robust content management system, too. Its popularity, ease of use, and large community of developers creating various plugins make it our tool of choice for most projects.

We've created a few things ourselves:

Still have questions? Shoot us an email, otherwise...

Let's get started.

Looking for an estimate? We have a form for that. It'll help us gauge the scope of your project. From there we'll schedule a follow-up meeting to clarify any additional questions.

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