Morton Golf

Designing a Family of Sacramento Golf Courses


Morton Golf operates one of the most visited golf course sites in the country partly due to the wealth of information available to users. With so much content, it becomes difficult to find or access. We also had to take into account how changes we made to the flagship site, Haggin Oaks, would extend to three other sites: Bing Maloney, Bartley Cavanaugh, and William Land.


Our primary goals in the redesign included: migrate to WordPress to allow for easier management, improve integration of social media and various third-party resources, and simplify the navigation and site architecture. We helped restructure the content and in the process made it easier to navigate and find relevant information.

In addition, we were tasked with providing a new look that could be extended across the four sites, and potentially future properties.

Technologies and services:

  • WordPress
  • Front-end website design and development
  • Social media integration









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