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Independent singer-songwriter takes the road less travelled with companion novel for new album


With the release date of a new album and companion novel looming, Drew Kennedy needed to revamp his web presence. It was an exciting opportunity in that as far as we knew, no other artist had ever written a novel that helped tie the songs of an album together. It also meant he’d need a way to sell the novel other than his live shows. After all, a larger audience increases potential for income.


To know Drew is to know about as unique an individual as they come, so we wanted to provide an equally unique experience with his website. Taking a cue from the title of his album/novel, Fresh Water in the Salton Sea, we applied an old world, nautical map aesthetic — sea creatures, blowing cherubs, and all that that entails — throughout the site. He loved it.

Being an independent artist, it was important for him to have an outlet to sell his own merchandise. For this, we designed a store that allowed him to list his shirts, novel, and music — physical and digital, thereby allowing him to keep a larger cut of profit than selling through iTunes or other digital retailers.

On top of that, the site is responsive. Go ahead, check it out on your mobile device.

Technologies and services:

  • Front-end website design and development
  • WordPress
  • Responsive
  • Social media integration
  • E-commerce
  • eBook integration

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