A task management web app designed to simplify your move.


Originally an information microsite, 1-800-PACK-RAT wanted to recreate MyMovingChecklist as a destination site targeted at anyone planning a move. They felt an app, or multiple native apps for various devices, was the best approach. We were tasked with building one web app that could be accessed on a wide range of devices. Enter responsive design.


One of the first steps required us to determine how users would interact with the app. Standard desktop interactions like hover don’t work on touch devices. Fortunately, items such as dropdowns, that normally rely on hover, could be reworked to behave similar to popovers on mobile devices.

We extended the 1-800-PACK-RAT brand by carrying over colors from the parent site and creating standard styles that were used throughout the app, marketing site, and blog.

Technologies and services:

  • Responsive
  • User interface
  • Content creation
  • Apple touch icons
  • Design and development
  • WordPress







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